Success as an Independent Contractor

Building Your Travel Network

Your Experience & Gaining Experience

Clients value the knowledge and personal experience of a ‘seasoned’ travel specialist, but you do not necessarily need to travel all countries of the world to be a very valued travel specialist!

  • Start where you ARE – meaning sell what you are familiar with already.
  • EDUCATE yourself on destinations you are NOT familiar with but THINK you could sell very well by using the PVGT webinar and educational tools we provide through our Travel Leaders, CLIA, and ASTA networks.
  • Using OUR network enables you to curate spectacular experiences in every destination for your clients – even if you have NOT personally been there!
Selling Yourself will Sell the Destination

Communicating your VALUE to prospective clients is a vital key to your overall success as an Independent Contractor with PVGT!

  • Be confident with WHO you are and WHAT you have to offer! Confidence is professionally attractive and the phrase, ‘fake it until you make it’ rings true as you build your business!
  • Be persistent as in ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ mentality! Know when to communicate with your clients and prospective clients by sending texts, emails, and phone calls with valuable information they will want to hear about!
  • Don’t be BORING!! Be unique and a magnet in a crowd or at an event. GET NOTICED!!
  • Offer solutions that WILL work for your clients as the travel business can be extremely fluid and ever-changing. Be a problem solver!
  • Be POSITIVE by smiling A LOT, talking about things you enjoy and are thankful for. BE KIND to others, including your colleagues in the agency.
  • Always have the ‘right air’ around and within you!
Building and Sustaining Client and Supplier Relationships will be a Vital Key to Your Success
  • Build a strong professional network of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances who will book travel with you and refer others to you!
  • Attend supplier events to build relationships.
  • Attend supplier webinars for education and to build relationships.
  • Invite clients and prospective clients to supplier events.
  • Hold Zoom meetings with clients to market a destination, cruise, or land journey.
  • Training on our network platforms to book all travel items for your clients
  • Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Your personal biography and headshot on our website and social media pages
  • PVGT email – example: yourname@travelpvgt.com
  • Referrals on a rotation basis
  • Invitations to supplier events and other travel related networking events
  • Special agent rates and familiarization educational opportunities
  • Excellent commission split
  • A positive team atmosphere
  • Respect and kindness
  • NO surprises
  • Excellent communication weekly and as needed

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