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Exploring Enchanting Europe

Experience the passionate cities of Spain, Italy, and Greece!

It is a melting pot of experience where it’s culture and history create a deep yearning to learn more and more with each visit! Located entirely in the Northern Hemisphere it comprises 46 countries and is about one third the size of Africa! The most popular countries to visit are Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, Greece, United Kingdom and Ireland although every country in Europe is well worth exploring!

The culture of Europe is deeply rooted in its historical literature, architecture and artwork, and food which creates a spectacular journey of the senses for travelers worldwide. Europe is known for its castles and palaces, art collections, beaches and islands, magnificent scenery, foodie experiences, musical concerts, and fun cafes and bar nightlife.

Pura Vida Global Travel specializes in Europe travel; visiting (multiple times) most of its beautiful countries. We have forged strong relationships with our suppliers which give our clients the best experiences in the industry!

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