Stacie Krumbach

Stacie Krumbach

Independent Travel Specialist

Stacie Krumbach
Stacie Krumbach

Hi lovers of travel!!  My name is Stacie, and I was raised on the beautiful plains in South Dakota, where I received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s degree in Modern Foreign Languages, majoring in Spanish and French. I am currently a proud business owner in the floral industry, spreading love and joy through flowers.

My love affair with travel began in Europe when I was young, and I found that I had a knack for planning amazing vacations across the globe. I turned my love of travel into an exciting career as a Travel Specialist and am honored to be part of the team at Pura Vida Global Travel, LLC!

Some of my favorite travels include: watching vintage cars cruise into the sunset on the Malecón in Cuba, exploring the Catacombs of Paris, experiencing The Carnival of Barranquilla in Colombia, and riding motorcycles on the beautiful island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. And… for the days that I just want to unwind, I enjoy sipping coffee beside the canals in Amsterdam, the city I return to often, because it will always have my heart.

Whether you want to hike in a rain forest, relax on a beach lined with beautiful palm trees, traverse old castles, or experience local nightlife, my attention to all the details means that you can relax and have a fabulous stress-free trip. So, leave the planning to me…I would love to design your dream vacation & turn your destination wish list into real life memories of a lifetime!

Please feel free to call me, email or fill out the form below and let’s start planning your next adventure!

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