Maria curated our excursions in both Athens & Paris, including my wife’s bucket list item of having dinner at Jules Vern’s in the Eiffel tower, the excursions were all exceptional, but one stood out way above the rest.

She knew Yvonne and I were foodies. On her own, she reached out and arranged for us to have dinner at the chef’s table at Marsan, a two (2) star Michelin restaurant, it turned out to be the evening of a lifetime.

We were escorted upstairs and shown the chefs personal memorabilia wall, then shown to the chefs table in the kitchen, we were the only ones at the table.

We were introduced to the chef, his sous chef and his brigade.

We had a waiter devoted to just us, he was elegant, engaging and very personable.

The attached pictures walk you through the meal, I was going to delete some but without all of them you don’t get the full experience.

When the meal was over, the waiter asked why we were in Paris, my wife said it is a pre-retirement celebration for my husband’s upcoming retirement, he asked me what I did and when I had started my career. I said 44 years ago, in 1979. He nodded, left the table, and reappeared with a bottle of cognac, vintage 1979, boom, mic drop!

Maria nailed it!

Brian & Yvonne Townsend, Larkspur, Colorado