Pauline Arcinas

Pauline Arcinas

Independent Travel Specialist

Pauline Arcinas
Pauline Arcinas

Greetings, to ALL my fellow travel enthusiasts!

I’m Pauline, a passionate travel enthusiast myself,  and I am on a mission to turn your travel bucket-list into a spectacular reality! I have an unwavering passion for curating unforgettable journeys that offer you experiences that you will carry with you for a lifetime.

My journey began in the tropical paradise of the Philippines, where I was born and raised. It was there that my love for travel started to bloom, and each vacation revolved around the beautiful beaches of my beloved country.

I immigrated later to Canada pursuing a career as a registered nurse, and little did I know that this profession would kindle my deep-seated passion for exploring the world!  Having worked in Neuro ICU for over 8 years, I realized that there is no better time to explore and enjoy something that you love than now. Nursing also brought me back to my country to do medical missions, and it is providing essential care to rural communities where it is needed the most. Traveling on a medical mission can be a transformative process and truly a rewarding experience.

Life took an exciting turn when I met my husband!  Our journey of having our kids was not an easy one but luckily, we now have 2 beautiful daughters, ages 7 and 2.  Most of our friends told us that our travels would stop after having children, but we didn’t slow down!  Our eldest daughter’s first travel experience was in Bora Bora, French Polynesia,  and that is definitely not a typical travel destination for a one-year-old 😊!!  As parents, we strongly believe in exposing our children to the vast cultural richness of our world. For us, family vacations go beyond mere sightseeing; they are about immersing ourselves in new cultures, uncovering hidden treasures, and building international connections.

In addition to nurturing our wanderlust, I have also ventured into entrepreneurship, offering a unique perspective on travel planning, and curating experiences of a lifetime. I understand the needs of modern families and the delicate balance between work, life, and the insatiable desire to explore new horizons.

With over 36 countries of personal travel adventures, a medical background, and an entrepreneurial spirit, I possess the tools to craft distinctive journeys, whether it’s a family getaway, a romantic escapade, or a solo voyage of self-discovery.  I am thrilled to be a part of Pura Vida Global Travel’s winning team, where it will allow me to build the most extraordinary experiences on the planet through their relationships with the best supplier partners around the world!  Contact me today via phone, email, or simply filling out my online form below, and let’s get started curating YOUR experience of a lifetime!!

Remember, travel is the only investment that enriches your life without fail. – Anonymous

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